Our manufacturing process

As soon as the dry oak is received, from the very first moment, we work to shape it properly in order to build up the barrel. Stave by stave the barrel is built and it is heated over a wood fire. Thanks to the combination of both the heat and the water humidity supplied, the wood is rendered flexible and the staves can now be arched and tighten to obtain the final and closed shape of the barrel body. Then, the toasting is supplied according the client’s needs.

After heating and bending the staves, the craftsman does a custom cut to fit the “croze”, in order to adapt the barrel heads. Once the barrel is set up and the heads trimmed, it is adapted to the barrel and, then, hoops are put to obtain the right pressure, so that it is hermetically closed. Finally, a rigorous test of impermeability is made to immediately detect any leaks. Then, the oak is sanded and it is ready to enhance its mission: age excellent wines and brandies.

The process steps can be observed in the following video: