Our barrels, quality guaranteed

At Boteria Torner, we want to bet indeed for the quality of our barrel-making, paying special interest on the raw material and the building process. We guarantee to all our clients the quality of the oak used, with the origin certificate from France, United States and different European countries (Romania, Hungary, Ukraine…); suppliers with whom we have a stretch relationship and trust. We want to make a special mention to the experience and the broaden knowledge of our workers, the treatment and the attention that they bring to the building process.

The barrel-making at Boteria Torner, is essentially handcrafted, which fact has a positive contribution on the quality of the barrel-making, which hardly ever can be obtained by machines and mass productions. Once our barrels are made they are summited in the quality control and are delivered to our clients with total guarantee and an engaged post-selling service.

GRUESO 27/30 mm 27/30 mm 38/40 mm
DIÁMETRO CABEZA 56 cm 62 cm 79 cm
DIÁMETRO VIENTRE 72 cm 78 cm 90 cm
LARGO 96 cm 100 cm 115 cm
AROS Hierro galvanitzado Hierro galvanitzado Hierro galvanitzado

  • Americano
8 (40×2 mm) 8 (40×2 mm) 8 (40×2 mm)

  • Francés, Europeo, Acacia, Cerezo
2(55×2)/2(45×2)/2(40×2) 2 (55×2) / 6 (40×2) 8 (50×2)
Nº DE DUELAS Entre 28 i 30 Entre 32 i 34 Entre 36 i 38
TOSTADO Lleuger, Mig, Mig-plus i fort Lleuger, Mig, Mig-plus i fort Lleuger, Mig, Mig-plus i fort

The wood

The oak received has a slow growth and thin grains and it comes from the best woods. Apart from being dried “in origin”, which means in the right climate conditions and outdoors, the process has a length of minimum twenty four months. We can also offer a range of high-quality oak superfine grain, which is perfect for making the excellent wines. In addition, other sorts of barrels are made, such as, Acacia, Cherry Tree, Chestnut Tree… These types of wood have given precise results which are very well-valued, since they provide different qualities to our wines.
Since many years ago, Boteria Torner, has a Collaboration and Investigation Agreement with the Winemaking Faculty of the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona), where the wine results obtained, in all the range of wood used in our barrel-making, are investigated. The details of the results are available to our clients, in order to choose the barrel which suits best the client’s needs.

The toasted

The toasting is a very important part of the barrel-making process and essential when providing to the different cellars an identity and own personality. At Boteria Torner, spare wood pieces are the only ones used for the oven combustion. Therefore, a natural heat is achieved. This process is made with slow-fire and with a constant intensity which needs its time, and also the great experience and attention of the master tonneliers, who achieve the toasting effect, from light until plus, according
the to the client’s choices. All these factors, mentioned above, supply a toasting result of maximum quality.